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Bedeviled Plus is a timed matching game that gives the player 30 seconds to f...

(Mängitud: 3 788)

The goal of Color 21 is to drop the colored orbs into columns to create sums ...

(Mängitud: 1 370)

Chess Puzzle Game: a brand new chess competition puzzle edition. Are you a fa...

(Mängitud: 1 148)

Prepare to indulge in the endless excitement of gem swapping and monster hunt...

(Mängitud: 1 153)

Stars! is fun and addicting puzzle game with space theme. Click on stars to r...

(Mängitud: 1 259)

You are trapped in this beautifull house and you need to find objects and clu...

(Mängitud: 1 796)

It is a sliding puzzle game with big wild tiger photo.

(Mängitud: 993)

Challenge your card skills in this exciting Solitaire card game with 3 diffic...

(Mängitud: 2 312)

This Game is classic Maze game.

(Mängitud: 1 528)

Kill all the zombies on 20 levels of this physics puzzle game. Push the block...

(Mängitud: 1 822)

Addictive color puzzle game with unique mechanic. The goal of the game is to ...

(Mängitud: 1 311)

The objective of the game is to try and eliminate all the blocks in the field...

(Mängitud: 1 789)

Collect 4 birds of the same colour to increase your score and time, in this a...

(Mängitud: 1 037)

Join the league of solitaire elites and see if you can conquer the difficult ...

(Mängitud: 4 503)

What do you say about a new puzzle game? We have prepared for you a new exclu...

(Mängitud: 966)

Matching puzzle game

(Mängitud: 1 183)

One amazing and fun world cup soccer game. Have fun playing a matching puzzle...

(Mängitud: 1 066)

Discover Monkey Island in this beautifull Bubble Shooter game.You can shoot b...

(Mängitud: 1 223)

A sliding puzzle game

(Mängitud: 1 392)

You are trapped in a bullring and you need to find objects and clues in order...

(Mängitud: 1 559)

You have to eliminate the robots in this funny puzzle game

(Mängitud: 934)

puzzle based platformer game with "Old style" graphic

(Mängitud: 2 328)

Sudoku re-imagined! Play this fresh take on the classic puzzle game. You've n...

(Mängitud: 970)

Underwater you can find a different beautiful world full of color and splendo...

(Mängitud: 1 335)

Find the musical instruments related words clarinet, accordion, bagpipe, flut...

(Mängitud: 901)

You are on vacation in full a week, catch as much as you can the colorful fis...

(Mängitud: 1 539)

Match three game with three game types and many special potions.

(Mängitud: 1 095)

Rescue the cute Sea Creatures before it's too late!rn

(Mängitud: 971)

Matching3 flash puzzle game. Easter theme.

(Mängitud: 1 137)

A little action-puzzle-game where you have to click as fast and as many combo...

(Mängitud: 1 077)



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  1. Tri Tower`s Solitaire (132 762 korda)
  2. Mahjong (129 659 korda)
  3. Bubble Shooter (124 804 korda)
  4. Solitaire Dear (43 778 korda)
  5. Project Mongose (30 087 korda)
  6. Mini putt (30 047 korda)
  7. Pirates of Carribean - Cursed Cave Crusade (27 194 korda)
  8. Power Ranger`s - Dinothunder red hot rescue (25 938 korda)
  9. Pro Rally 2009 (25 896 korda)
  10. Disco Bowling (25 726 korda)

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